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Since 1897, the Mussallem family has provided the ultimate in rug services. Four generations have insured that your rugs, even if they were not purchased from Mussallem's, will receive the best possible service and care.

  • Rug Cleaning: Mussallem's has the finest oriental and area rug cleaning with techniques developed since 1897. The process includes dusting, washing, Scotch-guard and moth spray application, and fringe cleaning performed by trained personnel.

  • Hand Cleaning: For delicate rugs, tapestries or other fine textile art, hand cleaning is available.

  • Repair: Functional and restorative repairs are available and performed by skilled crafts people.

  • Purchasing: Mussallem's will purchase Oriental rugs and other objects of art such as fine paintings, furniture and jewelry.

  • Appraisal: A complete appraisal service is offered for variety of purposes. All rugs should have a current appraisal.


Area Rug Cushion: Mussallem provides only the very best area rug cushion to prevent rug wear. All rugs utilized over any hard surface should have cushions for better wear and safety. Durahold provides extraordinary non-skid control and unmatched protection against rug wear. Rugs placed on carpet which wrinkle should have the NoMuv cushion, which is specifically designed for use when oriental and other area rugs are used over carpet. NoMuv prevents rippling, bunching and moving.



Best of the Best

Area Rug Padding


Finest Pad For Any Hard Surface (Wood Floors, Marble, Etc.) *Best Seller*

Area Rug Padding


Finest Pad For Any Rug On Top Of Carpet

Area Rug Padding


Non-Skid Pad For A Low Profile

Area Rug Padding


Pad for Hard Surfaces Where Non-Skid and Thickness are Critical

Area Rug Padding


Hard Surface Pad Where Economy Is Needed But Quality Cushion Is Indicated


Rug Repair

Providing excellent customer service to thousands of satisfied customers since 1897! Our rug experts are knowledgeable about all aspects of new and antique rug care and offer various services, including: Moth damage repair Water damage repair Reweaving of any size hole Reweaving of rug and rebuilding of fringe Repair of rug by old wool and mach dye Edging work (banding and overcast) Hand knot rugs are normally woven by wool pile on a wool or cotton foundation. This type of rug will be used for a very long time and can be passed down in a family from generation to generation. They can last for more than 200 years, but more than 70% don't make it to this age due to being destroyed by damage. ​ Damage on hand knot rugs is normally caused by humans, animals, and age. As a rug ages, its value will often increase because labor and material will be expensive and each hand knot rug is a masterpiece and unique. If you have an oriental hand knot rug, treating it carefully by keeping it clean and healthy, tending to any repairs quickly are wise to protect part of your investment and family heirloom.

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5801 Philips Hwy, Jacksonville, FL 32216, USA

Office: (904) 739-1551